Star Cube Containers: Contact for Quality New Containers For All Your Shipping Needs

Are you looking for brand-new shipping containers for sale? Without a second thought, contact Star Cube Containers. Not one or two, but you will get multiple types of new shipping containers. Regarding quality, you don’t have to worry about it because every new container for sale is built considering all the shipping requirements and extremities.

At Star Cube Containers, you will get 10’, 20’, and 40’ as well as 20’ high cube containers. Our new shipping containers can also be used as unit cabins and for storage purposes. Many of our clients use our large-sized new containers as small or large homes on wheels. You just need to determine your requirements to buy a new shipping container from us.

Why should you choose Star Cube Containers for buying new shipping containers?

First, we are one of the most reputable new container suppliers in the UAE. You will get all types of affordable new containers after partnering with us.

Second, our brand-new containers for sale are built using quality materials. The material used is CORTEN anti-corrosive steel, which has better rust properties than conventional steel. This increases the longevity of the new containers, no matter how much and in what way you use them.

The floors of the new containers are 19 piles of Keruing-Apitong marine-grade plywood, surpassing the quality of regular plywood. The Keruing-Apitong marine-grade plywood has very low moisture that prevents fungi and termites from attacking it.

Most importantly, our containers for sale are equipped with 4 weather-proof air vents for ventilation throughout the container, 36” high locking bar door handles for easy access, forklift pockets for easy handling, and a secure lockbox for maximum security.

Do you want to buy a new shipping container? Contact us today.