Star Cube Containers: Special Containers for your Special Needs 

Sometimes, standard shipping containers are not enough. If you have any special shipping requirements, choose from our range of special containers. As a reputable special containers supplier in the UAE, Star Cube Containers knows commonly requested special shipping requirements. Keeping these requirements in mind, we offer our quality special containers at affordable rates.

This doesn’t mean our offerings are limited. We promise to fulfill all your special shipping requirements with our available special containers for sale in Dubai.

The types of special containers we deal with are 20’ reefer containers, 40’ reefer containers, 20’ open top containers, 40’ open top containers, 20’ HC open top containers, 20’ flat rack containers, and 40’ flat rack containers.

About our open-top containers and flat rack containers 

The open containers come with a removable vinyl tarp and with removable roof support bars. These containers can accommodate loading cargo by crane, making the transportation of oversized cargo much easier. Other than this, the open-top special containers are built with CORTEN anti-corrosion steel.

Regarding our flat rack containers, they are designed without side walls and no top, allowing much quicker and easier loading with an overhead crane or forklift. You can load these flat rack containers from above or from the sides. Other than this, the flat rack containers have a reinforced steel floor structure with a solid plank floor.

Why should you trust us for special containers?

Every special container of ours is thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are in excellent condition. We follow a 12-point inspection process, ensuring that the containers are watertight, structurally sound, and cargo worthy for safe and secure storage of your goods. This is why you should trust us.

Are you looking for a special container supplier in the UAE? Contact Star Cube Containers today.