Get the Best Containers for Storage and Shipping in the UAE

Be it for a construction site or any large project, the containers for storage are important. They make the work easier as there are lots of things to be stored on the site before and after work. The containers assure the safety of the materials and many other things.

Storage containers are available in various sizes. If you are finding one for your project, you should determine your requirements and decide the storage containers’ size accordingly. The size matters to store long and heavy materials on the site.

Why should you choose Star Cube Containers for storage and shipping containers?

Whether you are looking for shipping or storage containers, come to us. We have multiple options for you, such as new containers, used containers, specialty containers, and converted containers. Also, the containers are available in different sizes, fulfilling all your requirements.

Though used containers are retired from shipping service, they are worth it as we supply them after a thorough inspection. We inspect and make sure that used containers are Wind and Water Tight or WWT, which is important in both storage and shipping. Other than this, we evaluate the load capacity of the container and try to customize it as per customers’ requirements. Just keep in mind that used containers will save you a few bucks.

If you are not comfortable using used containers, we have new shipping containers and containers for storage for sale. They too are available in different sizes. The only thing is that new containers are costlier than used containers because they are not retired from shipping service and are damage-free.

Other than this, we supply specialty and converted containers, which are purpose-specific. These two containers are also highly-demanded in shipping service.

CSC Certificate for Shipping Containers in the UAE

Container Safe Convection or CSC certificate promotes safety in the shipping industry by standardizing factors such as strength requirements and testing procedures. We, Star Cube Containers, have a CSC certificate for shipping containers in the UAE, meaning the containers supplied by us are safe for use and capable of withstanding the heavy stresses of shipping cargo cross-country and overseas. With certification, you don’t have to worry about regular inspection and maintenance of the container you buy or hire. If you are doubtful, you can ask us for the certificate.

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